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Efficacious (IPA: /ˌɛfəˈkeɪʃəs/)

Efficacious (n.)

Possessing the quality of being effective; productive of, or powerful to produce, the effect intended; as, an efficacious law.

Efficacious Synonyms

Effectual, Strong, Powerful, Impressive, Useful, Efficient, Impelling, Trenchant, Rough-and-ready, Utile, Telling, Effective, Hard-hitting, Efficacious, Potent, Stiff

Efficacious Synonyms

Effectual, Effective, Efficacious

Efficacious Rhymes

Gracious, Spacious

Audacious, Capacious, Ceraceous, Cretaceous, Fallacious, Flirtatious, Hellacious, Herbaceous, Horatius, Ignatius, Loquacious, Predaceous, Salacious, Sebaceous, Tenacious, Vexatious, Vivacious, Voracious

Efficacious, Ostentatious

Spanish Translation

Efficacious in Spanish is Eficaz

Tagalog Translation

Efficacious in Tagalog is Mabisa

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Example is always more efficacious than precept." - Example

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is powerful, efficacious and deserving of respect. A mantra is like meeting the Buddha or Bodhisattva himself."" - Mantra

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