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Dynamic (IPA: /daɪˈnæmɪk/)

Dynamic (a.)

Alt. of Dynamical


Volume of a sound or note

Dynamic Synonyms


Dynamic Synonyms

Impulsive, Dynamical, Self-propelled, Slashing, High-energy, Self-propelling, Changing, Propellent, Can-do, High-powered, High-voltage, Propellant, Energetic, Kinetic, Energizing, Driving, High-power, Propulsive, High-octane, Projectile, Ever-changing, Energising, Propelling

Dynamic Synonyms


Dynamic Synonyms

Moral Force

DYNAMIC (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Dynamic Air

Dynamic Rhymes

Amick, Samek, Shramek, Sramek

Ceramic, Dynamic, Glutamic, Hamtramck

Aerodynamic, Hemodynamic, Hypothalamic, Photodynamic, Psychodynamic

Spanish Translation

Dynamic in Spanish is Dinámica

Tagalog Translation

Dynamic in Tagalog is Dinamiko

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Jelliffe changed from an enumerator of visits to the out-patient dept to the most dynamic figure in American Psychiatry" - Roy R. Grinker, Sr.

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Philosophy was as naive as science in its unconscious acceptance of the assumptions or dynamic of typography. (p. 278)" - Marshall McLuhan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The work of the information officer [should be] regarded as the natural dynamic extension of that of the librarian." - Information management

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