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Domains (IPA: /doʊˈmeɪnz/)


Northiam, Rother, East Sussex, TN31


Taxonomic rank


In Japanese history, a feudal estate of a warrior after the 12th century or of a daimyō in the Edo period (1603–1868) and early Meiji period; disestablished in 1871, except for the Ryūkū Domain, which was disestablished in 1879


Unital ring with no zero divisors other than 0; noncommutative generalization of integral domains


Field of study that defines a set of common requirements, terminology, and functionality for any software program constructed to solve a problem in domain engineering

Domains Rhymes

Aynes, Bain's, Baines, Bains, Banes, Baynes, Brain's, Brains, Cain's, Caines, Canes, Chain's, Chains, Chains', Crain's, Crane's, Cranes, Daines, Dains, Dane's, Danes, Deigns, Drains, Fein's, Gaines, Gains, Ganes, Grains, Haines, Hains, Hanes, Haynes, Jane's, Janes, Jaynes, Kainz, Kane's, Keynes, Lane's, Lanes, Llanes, Maine's, Maines, Mains, Mainz, Manes, Maynes, Pains, Panes, Plaines, Plains, Plane's, Planes, Planes', Raines, Rains, Ranes, Raynes, Reigns, Reines, Reins, Sainz, Skains, Spain's, Sprains, Staines, Stains, Strains, Swains, Train's, Trains, Twain's, Vanes, Veins, Wanes, Wayne's, Yanes

Attains, Bahrain's, Cabranes, Campaign's, Campaigns, Champagnes, Complains, Constrains, Contains, Disdains, Domains, Duquesne's, Elaine's, Explains, Germain's, Hussein's, Maintains, Mccain's, Mclean's, Mcmains, Obtains, Pertains, Refrains, Regains, Remains, Restrains, Retains, Sustains, Terrains, Ukraine's


Spanish Translation

Domains in Spanish is Dominios

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