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Displaying (IPA: /dɪsˈpɫeɪɪŋ/)

Displaying (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Display

Displaying Rhymes

Baying, Fraying, Graying, Haying, Heying, Laying, Paying, Playing, Praying, Preying, Saying, Slaying, Spraying, Staying, Straying, Swaying, Weighing

Allaying, Betraying, Buffeting, Conveying, Crocheting, Decaying, Delaying, Dismaying, Displaying, Doomsaying, Nonpaying, Obeying, Portraying, Prepaying, Repaying, Replaying, Surveying

Disobeying, Overplaying

Spanish Translation

Displaying in Spanish is Exhibiendo

Tagalog Translation

Displaying in Tagalog is Itinatanghal

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "in order to change poverty into wealth, one must start by displaying it." - Jean-Paul Sartre

Example Sentence (Quote)

" I'm surely going to regret this, she told herself, displaying considerable foresight." - Discworld

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