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Disdain (IPA: /dɪsˈdeɪn/)

Disdain (v. t.)

A feeling of contempt and aversion; the regarding anything as unworthy of or beneath one; scorn.

Disdain (v. t.)

That which is worthy to be disdained or regarded with contempt and aversion.

Disdain (v. t.)

The state of being despised; shame.

Disdain (v. t.)

To think unworthy; to deem unsuitable or unbecoming; as, to disdain to do a mean act.

Disdain (v. t.)

To reject as unworthy of one's self, or as not deserving one's notice; to look with scorn upon; to scorn, as base acts, character, etc.

Disdain (v. i.)

To be filled with scorn; to feel contemptuous anger; to be haughty.


Extended play by Alien Huang

Disdain Synonyms

Condescension, Patronage

Disdain Synonyms

Despite, Contempt, Scorn

Disdain Synonyms

Contemn, Despise, Scorn

Disdain Synonyms

Pooh-pooh, Spurn, Reject, Turn Down, Scorn, Freeze Off

Spanish Translation

Disdain in Spanish is Desdén

Tagalog Translation

Disdain in Tagalog is Abahin

Example Sentence (Quote)

" These have no hope of death... mercy and justice disdain them. Let us not speak of them, but do thou look and pass on." - Inferno (Dante)

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