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Devotee (IPA: /ˌdɛvəˈti/)

Devotee (n.)

One who is wholly devoted; esp., one given wholly to religion; one who is superstitiously given to religious duties and ceremonies; a bigot.


Painting by Indian

Devotee Synonyms

Fan, Buff, Lover

Devotee Rhymes

B, B., Be, Bea, Bee, Blea, Brea, Bree, Brie, Bui, C, C., Chea, Chee, Cie, Crea, Cree, D, D., De, Dea, Dee, Di, E, E., Ee, Fee, Fi, Flea, Flee, Free, Freeh, Fsi, G, G., Gee, Ghee, Glee, Gyi, He, Hee, Je, Jee, Ji, Jie, Kea, Kee, Key, Khe, Ki, Klee, Knee, Kyi, Lea, Lee, Leigh, Li, Lxi, Me, Mea, Mee, Mi, Ne, Nee, Nghi, Nie, Oui, P, P., Pea, Peay, Pee, Plea, Pre, Pree, Pri, Prix, Qi, Quai, Quay, Qui, Re, Rea, Ree, Reeh, Rhee, Schlee, Schlie, Schnee, Sci, Sea, See, She, Shi, Shieh, Shih, Shri, Si, Sie, Sieh, Ski, Slee, Smee, Snee, Spie, Spree, Sri, Sze, T, T., Te, Tea, Tee, The, Thee, Thi, Three, Ti, Tree, Tse, V, V., Ve, Vee, Vi, We, Wee, Wiehe, Xi, Xie, Ye, Yee, Yi, Yie, Z, Z., Ze, Zea, Zee

Ab, Abee, Ac, Achee, Acree, Adee, Agree, Akey, Albee, Alee, Allee, Andree, Askey, Baldree, Banshee, Beaudry, Bibee, Bibi, Bouchey, Bouie, Bouley, Bresee, Bt, Buie, C3, Capri, Cat-3, Cc, Cd, Chablis, Childree, Colee, Coppee, Cottee, Couey, Coutee, Curie, Debris, Decree, Degree, Depree, Depuy, Deupree, Draftee, Dubree, Dundee, Dupee, Dupree, Duree, Duryee, Embree, Emcee, Esprit, Fanguy, Ferree, Foree, Foresee, Forsee, Frazee, Goatee, Goostree, Goree, Guerry, Gurnee, Gutsy, Hao-chi, Hardee, Hembree, Henri, Ib, Id, Indri, Ip, Janii, Jaycee, Jessee, Keesee, Kissee, Labree, Lavie, Legree, Lessee, Loree, Losee, Louie, Lp, M3, Macphee, Magee, Marie, Markee, Marquee, Marquis, Mc, Mcbee, Mccree, Mcfee, Mcgee, Mcghee, Mcghie, Mckee, Mckey, Mckie, Mcnee, Mcphee, Mcphie, Mcree, Mcvea, Moree, Mt, Murphree, Musee, Nabil, Nestle, Ot, Partee, Pattee, Pawnee, Petree, Pettee, Piercey, Piggee, Pingree, Portee, Pouncy, Ranee, Ravi, Rb, Rippee, Rupee, Se, Sebree, Sheree, Shippee, Sightsee, Smithee, Swanee, Sze-di, Tangqui, Tb, Thierry, Trainee, Trustee, Tv, Tyree, Vendee, Whoopee, Withee, Yangtze, Ye-yi, Yippee, Youree, Yuichi

Abductee, Absentee, Abt, Addressee, Adoptee, Adoree, Amc, Amputee, Apc, Appointee, Atp, Aujourd'hui, Bbc, Benami, Bourgeoisie, Boy-ar-dee, Cablec, Cac, Cod, Comiskey, Conferee, Cxc, Cyb, Dauphinee, Ddt, Demaree, Deportee, Designee, Detailee, Detainee, Devotee, Disagree, Dsv, Eap, Enlistee, Enrollee, Escapee, Fatheree, Fop, Franchisee, Ged, Guarani, Guarantee, Guaranty, Gymboree, Hammontree, Hardegree, Hardigree, Hohensee, Honoree, Inductee, Internee, Jubilee, Licensee, Lsd, Ltd, Lunati, Mallonee, Mckelvie, Mit, Mitcheltree, Mme, Mpg, Nic, Njt, Nominee, Oad, Ocheltree, Odp, Ofc, Oversea, Parolee, Potpourri, Ratterree, Referee, Repartee, Resignee, Retiree, Returnee, Rosalee, Rosemarie, Satterlee, Sep, Signori, St_marie, Syp, Tenn, Tennessee, T_a_c, Undersea, Valoree, Waikiki, Woodmansee

Geac, Hnat, Interviewee, Irit, Irve, Kagarlitsky, Knbc, Lapd, Nyet, U_s_m_c, Ziad
Awb, Cacld, Rrrot, Sffed

Spanish Translation

Devotee in Spanish is Devoto

Tagalog Translation

Devotee in Tagalog is Deboto

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Now (and Forever Hereafter), My Every Devotee Is The God That I Am here To Find .[12]" - Adi Da

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The devotee works assiduously to attain the wealth of salvation." - Sama Veda

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