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Detection (IPA: /dɪˈtɛkʃən/)

Detection (n.)

The act of detecting; the laying open what was concealed or hidden; discovery; as, the detection of a thief; the detection of fraud, forgery, or a plot.


Action of accessing information without specific cooperation from or synchronization with the sender

Detection Synonyms

Espial, Spying, Catching, Spotting

Detection Synonyms

Detecting, Detective Work, Sleuthing

Detection Synonyms


Detection Synonyms

Signal Detection

Detection Rhymes

Flexion, Section

Advection, Affection, Collection, Complexion, Confection, Connection, Convection, Correction, Defection, Detection, Direction, Dissection, Ejection, Election, Erection, Infection, Inflection, Injection, Inspection, Objection, Perfection, Projection, Protection, Reflection, Rejection, Selection

Circumspection, Disaffection, Disconnection, Disinfection, Imperfection, Insurrection, Interjection, Intersection, Introspection, Predilection, Preelection, Recollection, Redirection, Reelection, Reinspection, Resurrection
Interconnection, Overprotection

Spanish Translation

Detection in Spanish is Detección

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