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Degrees (IPA: /dɪˈɡɹiz/)


1643rd strip of the webcomic xkcd


Angle unit; π/180 radians


Number of edges incident to a given vertex in a node-link graph


The position of a particular note on a scale relative to the tonic


Unit of measurement of temperature

Degrees Rhymes

B's, B .'s, B .s, Beas, Bee's, Bees, Beese, Bes, Brees, Breese, Breeze, Briese, C's, C .'s, C .s, Cees, Cheese, Crees, D's, D .'s, D .s, Deas, Dee's, Dees, Deese, Deis, Drees, Dreese, Dreis, E's, E .'s, E .s, Ease, Fees, Feese, Fleas, Flees, Freas, Frease, Freeh's, Frees, Freese, Freeze, Freis, Frese, Friese, Frieze, Friis, G's, G .'s, G .s, Gee's, Geez, Gies, Glees, Greis, Griese, He's, Hees, Heese, Jeez, Keas, Kee's, Kees, Keese, Key's, Keyes, Keyes', Keys, Klee's, Klees, Knees, Kreis, Kriese, Leas, Lee's, Lees, Li's, Liese, Mease, Mees, Meis, Neas, Nease, Nees, Neese, Neis, Niese, P's, P .'s, P .s, Peas, Pease, Pleas, Please, Plese, Preas, Preis, Reas, Rees, Reis, Riese, Saez, Sea's, Seas, Sease, Sees, Seese, Seize, She's, Sies, Skees, Skis, Sleaze, Sneeze, Speas, Spease, Spees, Spiess, Sprees, Squeeze, Stees, T's, T .'s, T .s, Teas, Tease, Tees, These, Thies, Three's, Threes, Trease, Trees, Treese, V's, V .'s, V .s, Vees, Vries, Wease, Weese, Wheeze, Wiese, Yeas, Z's, Z .'s, Zeese, Zeis

Agrees, Andries, Appease, Ashis, Aziz, Belize, Bibi's, Brunjes, Burmese, C .d .s, Cadiz, Capri's, Ccs, Cds, Chemise, Chinese, Decrees, Defrees, Defries, Degrees, Disease, Displease, Draftees, Duvrees, Esprit's, Faries, Fejes, Foresees, Francies, Furches, Hardee's, Jaycees, Lessees, Louise, Maltese, Marie's, Mcclees, Mcgee's, Mckee's, Mclees, Mcnease, Mcnees, Menees, Nestle's, Ortiz, Pawnees, Reprise, Ruiz, Rupees, Scorsese, Sinise, Talese, Trainees, Trapeze, Trustee's, Trustees, Trustees', Tt's, Unease, Vertrees

Abductees, Absentees, Abts, Adoptees, Amputees, Annamese, Apc's, Appointees, Aujourd'hui's, Balinese, Cantonese, Conferees, Delouis, Deportees, Designees, Detainees, Devotees, Disagrees, Enlistees, Enrollees, Escapees, Expertise, Franchisees, Franchisees', Guarantee's, Guarantees, Guaranties, Guaranty's, Honorees, Inductees, Internees, Japanese, Javanese, Jeanlouis, Journalese, Licensees, Nepalese, Nominee's, Nominees, Overseas, Parolees, Referee's, Referees, Resignees, Retiree's, Retirees, Retirees', Returnees, Rwandese, Siamese, Sinhalese, Stds, Sudanese, Taiwanese, Tennessee's, Timorese, Underseas

Abdulaziz, Indochinese, Interviewees, Lapd's

Spanish Translation

Degrees in Spanish is Grados

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I give the degrees of things seen by the eye as the musician does of the sounds heard by the ear." - Leonardo da Vinci

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Ill habits gather by unseen degrees As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas." - John Dryden

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Technician2: Graphic shields altering course 3 degrees to port." - Outlaw Star

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The track temperature is at 32 degrees celsius already and it's climbing like a mountain face at the moment."" - Martin Brundle

Example Sentence (Quote)

" There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt." - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

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