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Dealing (IPA: /ˈdiɫɪŋ/)

Dealing (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Deal

Dealing (n.)

The act of one who deals; distribution of anything, as of cards to the players; method of business; traffic; intercourse; transaction; as, to have dealings with a person.


Distribution of playing cards to players


Painting by Aaron Parazette

Dealing Synonyms

Transaction, Dealings

Dealing Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Dealing Rhymes

Ceiling, Dealing, Ealing, Feeling, Freehling, Frieling, Healing, Heling, Keeling, Kneeling, Mealing, Peeling, Reeling, Sealing, Seeling, Sieling, Squealing, Stealing, Teeling, Wheeling

Annealing, Appealing, Concealing, Darjeeling, Repealing, Revealing, Unfeeling


Spanish Translation

Dealing in Spanish is Relación Comercial

Tagalog Translation

Dealing in Tagalog is Pagtrato

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [after trying to pass Snowman and failing] What we're dealing with here... is a complete lack of respect for the law." - Smokey and the Bandit

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Don't criticise my country for dealing with the reality of the migrant crisis that Brussels refuses to face" - Gjorge Ivanov

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Economics, I thus believe, has a useful past, a past that is useful in dealing with the future." - History of economic thought

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I don't think we're dealing with an ordinary mouse." - MouseHunt (film)

Example Sentence (Quote)

"If you can't get rich dealing with politicians, there's something wrong with you." - Donald Trump

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