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Dais (IPA: /ˈdeɪz/)

Dais (n.)

The high or principal table, at the end of a hall, at which the chief guests were seated; also, the chief seat at the high table.

Dais (n.)

A platform slightly raised above the floor of a hall or large room, giving distinction to the table and seats placed upon it for the chief guests.

Dais (n.)

A canopy over the seat of a person of dignity.


Raised platform


Plateau in Antarctica


Genus of plants


Family name


Japanese composer

Dais Synonyms

Podium, Stump, Ambo, Pulpit, Soapbox, Rostrum

Dais (Last Name / Surname)

Dais is the #28,408 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 840 people had that surname.


Dais in Spanish

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