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Contents (IPA: /ˈkɑntɛnts/, /kənˈtɛnts/)

Contents (pl. )

of Content

Contents (n. pl.)

See Content, n.


Scientific article published in Nature


Scientific article published on 01 November 2000


That which a communication medium overtly conveys


Extended-real-valued function defined on a field of sets that is finitely additive


Matter or entity

Contents Synonyms

Table Of Contents

Contents Rhymes

Bentz, Brents, Cents, Dents, Entz, Frentz, Gentz, Hentz, Jentz, Kent's, Krentz, Lents, Lentz, Lentzsch, Mentz, Pentz, Rents, Rentz, Scents, Sentz, Slentz, Stentz, Tents, Trent's, Vents, Wentz, Zentz

Contents, Ciments, Consents, Contents, Descents, Dissents, Event's, Events, Ferments, Intents, Invents, Laments, Lorenz, Percents, Presents, Prevents, Resents, Segments

Circumvents, Discontents, Malcontents, Represents, Supplements


Spanish Translation

Contents in Spanish is Contenido

Tagalog Translation

Contents in Tagalog is Laman

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The pages are so harmonious in their proportion / disharmony in the contents is impossible." - Peter Greenaway

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