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Constantly (IPA: /ˈkɑnstəntɫi/)

Constantly (adv.)

With constancy; steadily; continually; perseveringly; without cessation; uniformly.


Single by Cliff Richard


1994 song performed by IMx

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Constantly in Spanish

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "You should constantly review my teachings until you know them by heart" (CM)" - Nachman of Breslov

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A scholar's fingers, by being constantly engaged in activities, acquire immense capabilities." - Sama Veda

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Ellis was one of those people who constantly nag others to echo their own opinions." - George Orwell

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Evolution normally does not come to a halt, but constantly ˜tracks' the changing environment." - Richard Dawkins

Example Sentence (Quote)

" For Truth makes holy Love's illusive dreams, And their best promise constantly redeems." - Love

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