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Conjoin (IPA: /ˌkɑnˈdʒɔɪn/)

Conjoin (v. t.)

To join together; to unite.

Conjoin (v. i.)

To unite; to join; to league.

Conjoin Synonyms


Conjoin Synonyms

Marry, Get Married, Wed, Espouse, Get Hitched With, Hook Up With

Conjoin Rhymes

Boyne, Coin, Coyne, Goin, Goyne, Groin, Hoyne, Join, Loin, Moines

Adjoin, Ardoin, Aucoin, Beaudoin, Boudoin, Bourgoin, Bowdoin, Burgoyne, Chaudoin, Chicoine, Conjoin, Enjoin, Jodoin, Lemoine, Leoine, Mccoin, Mcgloin, Micoin, Purloin, Raboin, Rejoin

Spanish Translation

Conjoin in Spanish is Unir

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