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Confines (IPA: /ˈkɑnˌfaɪnz/, /kənˈfaɪnz/)


Colombian municipality of the department of Santander


Village in San Marino


Human settlement in Italy


Mountain in Somalia

Confines Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Confines Rhymes

Bines, Brines, Bynes, Clines, Dines, Dynes, Fein's, Fines, Gines, Glines, Guynes, Heines, Heins, Heinz, Heinze, Hines, Hynes, Jines, Kinds, Kines, Klein's, Line's, Lines, Lines', Lynes, Mine's, Mines, Mines', Neyens, Nine's, Nines, Pines, Pynes, Rhines, Rhynes, Rines, Rynes, Shines, Shrines, Sign's, Signs, Sines, Spines, Stein's, Steines, Stines, Tines, Tynes, Vines, Whines, Wine's, Wines, Wynes, Zines

Confines, Aligns, Alines, Assigns, Burdine's, Burdines, Combines, Confines, Declines, Defines, Designs, Inclines, Karlheinz, Opines, Refines, Resigns

Redefines, Undermines

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [Banging weakly on his cabin door after AUTO confines him to his quarters] Auto! Auto! Mutiny! Mutiny! Stupid wheel!" - WALL-E

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