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Conducive (IPA: /kənˈdusɪv/)

Conducive (a.)

Loading or tending; helpful; contributive; tending to promote.

Conducive Synonyms

Tributary, Contributory, Causative, Contributive, Contributing

Conducive Rhymes

Abusive, Allusive, Collusive, Conclusive, Conducive, Elusive, Exclusive, Illusive, Inclusive, Intrusive, Obtrusive, Reclusive

Inconclusive, Nonexclusive, Unobtrusive

Spanish Translation

Conducive in Spanish is Conducente

Example Sentence (Quote)

" PUSH, n. One of the two things mainly conducive to success, especially in politics. The other is Pull." - Politics

Example Sentence (Quote)

" That action which appears most conducive to the happiness and virtue of mankind." - Action

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