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Compelled (IPA: /kəmˈpɛɫd/)

Compelled (imp. & p. p.)

of Compel


1960 film

Compelled Rhymes

Celled, Dwelled, Feld, Felde, Felled, Fjeld, Geld, Gelled, Held, Meld, Quelled, Shelled, Smelled, Spelled, Swelled, Weld, Welled, Yelled

Beheld, Compelled, Dispelled, Excelled, Expelled, Handheld, Impelled, Misspelled, Propelled, Rebelled, Repelled, Upheld, Withheld


Spanish Translation

Compelled in Spanish is Obligado

Tagalog Translation

Compelled in Tagalog is Napipilit

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A man can be compelled to do anything, but his soul cannot be forced." - Soul

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Every commodity is compelled to chose some other commodity for its equivalent." - Karl Marx

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I was not, thank heaven, in a condition which compelled me to make merchandise of Science for the bettering of my fortune." - Wealth

Example Sentence (Quote)

"No, never say nothin' without you're compelled tu, An' then don't say nothin' thet you can be held tu." - James Russell Lowell

Example Sentence (Quote)

"We are not compelled to believe in biological uniformity in order to affirm human freedom and dignity." - E. O. Wilson

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