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Commonly (IPA: /ˈkɑmənɫi/)

Commonly (adv.)

Usually; generally; ordinarily; frequently; for the most part; as, confirmed habits commonly continue through life.

Commonly (adv.)

In common; familiarly.

Commonly Synonyms

Ordinarily, Normally, Unremarkably, Usually

Commonly Rhymes

Spanish Translation

Commonly in Spanish is Comúnmente

Tagalog Translation

Commonly in Tagalog is Karaniwan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All generous minds have a horror of what are commonly called facts ." They are the brute beasts of the intellectual domain." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He that knows least commonly presumes most." - Kannada proverbs

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He that speaks ill of another, commonly before he is aware, makes himself such a one as he speaks against." - Evil speaking

Example Sentence (Quote)

"In the last analysis, ability is commonly found to consist mainly in a high degree of solemnity." - Ability

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is commonly and truly also said: Matters be ended as they be friended."" - End

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