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Combined (IPA: /kəmˈbaɪnd/)

Combined (imp. & p. p.)

of Combine

Combined (a.)

United closely; confederated; chemically united.

Combined Synonyms

Compounded, One, Sorbed, Rolled Into One, Composed, Conglomerate, Hyphenated, Occluded

Combined Synonyms

Conjunct, Joint, United, Conjunctive, Concerted, Cooperative

Combined Rhymes

Bind, Blind, Dined, Find, Fined, Freind, Grind, Hind, Kind, Lined, Mind, Mined, Pined, Rind, Shined, Signed, Twined, Whined, Wind, Wined

Aligned, Assigned, Behind, Combined, Confined, Consigned, Declined, Defined, Designed, Elkind, Enshrined, Entwined, Gschwind, Inclined, Maligned, Mankind, Opined, Refined, Remind, Resigned, Unkind, Unlined, Unsigned, Unwind

Disinclined, Intertwined, Realigned, Reassigned, Redefined, Redesigned, Unconfined, Undefined, Undermined, Unrefined

Spanish Translation

Combined in Spanish is Conjunto

Tagalog Translation

Combined in Tagalog is Pinagsama

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All free governments are managed by the combined wisdom and folly of the people." - Government

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The combined effects of the stars and of Jupiter appear to determine the main statistical features of the orbits of comets." - Jan Oort

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The forgetting of all things and of one's self, combined with contemplation, makes a man divine" - John of St. Samson

Example Sentence (Quote)

" There may be Peace without Joy, and Joy without Peace, but the two combined make Happiness." - Joy

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Vocal music, instrumental music and Dance, all the three combined together is referred to as Tourya Trikam" - Carnatic music

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