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Campus (IPA: /ˈkæmpəs/)

Campus (n.)

The principal grounds of a college or school, between the buildings or within the main inclosure; as, the college campus.


Land on which a college or university and related institutional buildings are situated




Village in Livingston County, Illinois, United States


Television series


2001 Japanese eroge and original video animation

Campus Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

CAMPUS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Campaign to Promote the University of Salford

CAMPUS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Coalition of American Pro-Life University Students

CAMPUS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Computer-Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards

Campus Rhymes


Campus (Last Name / Surname)

Campus is the #56,972 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 358 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Campus in Spanish is Instalaciones

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The Lobby also monitors what professors write and teach. (this is a reference to Campus Watch)" - The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

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