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Buttocks (IPA: /ˈbətəks/)


Two rounded portions of the anatomy, traditionally located on the posterior of various organisms


1970 album by Charlies


Print in the National Gallery of Art (NGA 60549)

Buttocks Synonyms

Fanny, Posterior, Bottom, Bum, Hindquarters, Rear, Nates, Tooshie, Backside, Tail End, Arse, Tail, Fundament, Derriere, As, Stern, Can, Buns, Behind, Hind End, Prat, Butt, Keister, Seat, Tush, Rear End, Rump

Buttocks (Sexual Terminology)

Ass, Behind, Buns, Butt, Fanny, Rear


Buttocks in Spanish

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