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Barter (IPA: /ˈbɑɹtɝ/)

Barter (v. i.)

To traffic or trade, by exchanging one commodity for another, in distinction from a sale and purchase, in which money is paid for the commodities transferred; to truck.

Barter (v. t.)

To trade or exchange in the way of barter; to exchange (frequently for an unworthy consideration); to traffic; to truck; -- sometimes followed by away; as, to barter away goods or honor.

Barter (n.)

The act or practice of trafficking by exchange of commodities; an exchange of goods.

Barter (n.)

The thing given in exchange.


Exchange of goods


Legally effective mutual transfer of goods or services


Episode of Law & Order (S7 E12)


Family name


2015 film by Atanas Kiryakov

Barter Synonyms

Trade, Swap, Swop

Barter Rhymes

Arter, Barter, Carter, Charter, Darter, Garter, Harter, Hartter, Karter, Marter, Martyr, Parter, Sartor, Smarter, Starter, Tartar, Tarter

Mcartor, Mccarter, Nonstarter, Vanmarter

Barter (Last Name / Surname)

Barter is the #13,203 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 2,315 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Barter in Spanish is Permuta

Tagalog Translation

Barter in Tagalog is Baligya

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is a clear truth that those who every day barter away other men's liberty will soon care little for their own." - Liberty

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Sri Krishna plays on His Flute. We hear. We do something more. We barter our body's dust with His Soul's Plenitude." - Krishna (Hindu deity)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" There is nothing does more endanger the loss of commerce with the Indians than want of truck to barter with them." - Leonard Calvert

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