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Attainment (IPA: /əˈteɪnmənt/)

Attainment (n.)

The act of attaining; the act of arriving at or reaching; hence, the act of obtaining by efforts.

Attainment (n.)

That which is attained to, or obtained by exertion; acquirement; acquisition; (pl.), mental acquirements; knowledge; as, literary and scientific attainments.


Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox



Attainment Synonyms

Skill, Accomplishment, Acquirement, Acquisition

Attainment Rhymes

Arraignment, Attainment, Containment

Entertainment, Infotainment

Spanish Translation

Attainment in Spanish is Logro

Tagalog Translation

Attainment in Tagalog is Naabot

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Help in accomplishing our 'Yagya' for the attainment of our long life." - Sama Veda

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I have always held that social justice, even to the least the lowliest, is impossible of attainment by force." - Mahatma Gandhi

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