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Approve (IPA: /əˈpɹuv/)

Approve (v. t.)

To show to be real or true; to prove.

Approve (v. t.)

To make proof of; to demonstrate; to prove or show practically.

Approve (v. t.)

To sanction officially; to ratify; to confirm; as, to approve the decision of a court-martial.

Approve (v. t.)

To regard as good; to commend; to be pleased with; to think well of; as, we approve the measured of the administration.

Approve (v. t.)

To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance.

Approve (v. t.)

To make profit of; to convert to one's own profit; -- said esp. of waste or common land appropriated by the lord of the manor.

Approve Synonyms

O .K., Sanction, Okay

APPROVE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Adenomatous Polyp Prevention on Vioxx

Approve Rhymes

Duve, Groove, Juve, Move, Prove, Struve, Stueve, Stuve, Veuve, You've

Approve, Behoove, Disprove, Improve, Remove


Spanish Translation

Approve in Spanish is Aprobar

Tagalog Translation

Approve in Tagalog is Mabutihin

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All the news our sponsors approve of." - The Daily Show

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Bert: Oh dear! How shocking! We don't approve of his sort , do we?" - The Railway Series

Example Sentence (Quote)

" For none can express thee, though all should approve thee. I love thee so, Dear, that I only can love thee." - Love

Example Sentence (Quote)

" For the Gods approve The depth, and not the tumult, of the soul." - Soul

Example Sentence (Quote)

" For the gods approve The depth, and not the tumult, of the soul." - William Wordsworth

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