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Apprehensive (IPA: /ˌæpɹiˈhɛnsɪv/, /ˌæpɹɪˈhɛnsɪv/)

Apprehensive (a.)

Capable of apprehending, or quick to do so; apt; discerning.

Apprehensive (a.)

Knowing; conscious; cognizant.

Apprehensive (a.)

Relating to the faculty of apprehension.

Apprehensive (a.)

Anticipative of something unfavorable' fearful of what may be coming; in dread of possible harm; in expectation of evil.

Apprehensive (a.)

Sensible; feeling; perceptive.

Apprehensive Synonyms


Apprehensive Synonyms

Discerning, Perceptive

Apprehensive Synonyms

Worried, Uneasy

Apprehensive Rhymes


Defensive, Expensive, Extensive, Offensive

Apprehensive, Comprehensive, Hypertensive, Inexpensive, Inoffensive

Spanish Translation

Apprehensive in Spanish is Aprensivo

Tagalog Translation

Apprehensive in Tagalog is Maunawain

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