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Analytical (IPA: /ˌænəˈɫɪtɪkəɫ/)

Analytical (a.)

Of or pertaining to analysis; resolving into elements or constituent parts; as, an analytical experiment; analytic reasoning; -- opposed to synthetic.

Analytical Synonyms


Analytical Synonyms

Logical, Deductive, A Priori, Analytic

Analytical Rhymes


Analytical, Apolitical, Hypercritical, Hypocritical, Nonpolitical

Spanish Translation

Analytical in Spanish is Analítico

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Be a physical chemist, an analytical chemist, an organic chemist, if you will; but above all, be a chemist" - Chemistry

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The analytical faculty is underdeveloped in women." - Enoch Powell

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