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Allure (IPA: /əˈɫʊɹ/)

Allure (v. t.)

To attempt to draw; to tempt by a lure or bait, that is, by the offer of some good, real or apparent; to invite by something flattering or acceptable; to entice; to attract.

Allure (n.)


Allure (n.)

Gait; bearing.




Album by Allure


2014 film by Vladan Nikolic


2017 film by Carlos and Jason Sanchez

Allure Synonyms

Temptingness, Allurement

Allure Synonyms


Allure Rhymes

Bloor, Boor, Buhr, Cure, Duerr, Fluhr, Foor, Fuhr, Gloor, Jure, Luhr, Lure, Moor, Moore, Muhr, Muir, Poor, Poore, Pure, Ruhr, Schnoor, Schuur, Shure, Spoor, Stuhr, Suhr, Suhre, Suire, Sure, Tour, Ture, Uhr, Ur, You're, Your

Allure, Assure, Badour, Baldur, Bijur, Bonjour, Brochure, Couture, Damour, Demure, Detour, Dufour, Endure, Ensure, Gilmour, Gochnour, Impure, Insure, Inure, Jabbour, Lacour, Lancour, Latour, Lesure, Lumpur, Manure, Mature, Mosur, Obscure, Procure, Rednour, Secure, Segur, Stamour, Unsure

Amanpour, Beladur, Immature, Pimplapure, Premature, Reassure, Reinsure

Entrepreneur, Observateur

Spanish Translation

Allure in Spanish is Seducir

Tagalog Translation

Allure in Tagalog is Tumukso

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Let not the cooings of the world allure thee: Which of her lovers ever found her true?" - World

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