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Affectionate (IPA: /əˈfɛkʃənət/, /əˈfɛkʃənɪt/)

Affectionate (a.)

Having affection or warm regard; loving; fond; as, an affectionate brother.

Affectionate (a.)

Kindly inclined; zealous.

Affectionate (a.)

Proceeding from affection; indicating love; tender; as, the affectionate care of a parent; affectionate countenance, message, language.

Affectionate (a.)

Strongly inclined; -- with to.


Extended play by Venetian Snares

Affectionate Synonyms

Fond, Lovesome, Caring, Tender, Loving, Warm

Spanish Translation

Affectionate in Spanish is Cariñoso

Tagalog Translation

Affectionate in Tagalog is Lambing

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Few misfortunes can befall a boy which bring worse consequences than to have a really affectionate mother." - W. Somerset Maugham

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