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Affecting (IPA: /əˈfɛktɪŋ/)

Affecting (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Affect

Affecting (a.)

Moving the emotions; fitted to excite the emotions; pathetic; touching; as, an affecting address; an affecting sight.

Affecting (a.)

Affected; given to false show.

Affecting Synonyms

Poignant, Moving, Touching

Affecting Rhymes

Affecting, Collecting, Connecting, Correcting, Defecting, Deflecting, Detecting, Directing, Dissecting, Effecting, Electing, Erecting, Expecting, Infecting, Injecting, Inspecting, Neglecting, Objecting, Perfecting, Projecting, Prospecting, Protecting, Reflecting, Rejecting, Respecting, Selecting, Subjecting, Suspecting

Disconnecting, Disrespecting, Intersecting, Recollecting, Reconnecting, Redirecting, Reelecting, Resurrecting, Unsuspecting

Spanish Translation

Affecting in Spanish is Conmovedor

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