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Afar (IPA: /əˈfɑɹ/)

Afar (adv.)

At, to, or from a great distance; far away; -- often used with from preceding, or off following; as, he was seen from afar; I saw him afar off.


Lowland East Cushitic language spoken in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti


Regional state of Ethiopia



Example Sentence (Quote)

" Glories, like glow-worms, afar off shine bright, But look'd too near have neither heat nor light." - Distance

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha; and he smelleth the battle afar off." - War

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The good shine from afar Like the snowy Himalayas. The bad don't appear Even when near, Like arrows shot into the night." - Himalayas

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The little pleasure of the game Is from afar to view the flight." - Pleasure


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