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Adhesive (IPA: /ædˈhisɪv/, /ədˈhisɪv/)

Adhesive (a.)

Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.

Adhesive (a.)

Apt or tending to adhere; clinging.


Material which is used for bonding of various materials

Adhesive Synonyms

Self-sealing, Resiny, Viscid, Tenacious, Stick-on, Resinous, Pitchy, Pasty, Viscous, Icky, Tarry, Glutinous, Gummy, Gum-like, Agglutinative, Gluey, Gummed, Sticky, Adherent, Mucilaginous, Agglutinate, Cohesive, Bondable, Gooey, Coherent

Adhesive Synonyms

Adhesive Agent, Adhesive Material

Adhesive Rhymes

Adhesive, Cohesive

Spanish Translation

Adhesive in Spanish is Adhesivo

Tagalog Translation

Adhesive in Tagalog is Malagkit

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