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Your (IPA: /ˈjɔɹ/, /ˈjʊɹ/)

Your (pron. & a.)

The form of the possessive case of the personal pronoun you.

Your Rhymes

Baur, Boar, Boer, Bohr, Bore, Borre, Chore, Clore, Coar, Cohr, Cor, Core, Corps, Corr, D'or, Doerr, Dohr, Door, Dore, Dorr, Drawer, Faure, Floor, Flor, Flore, For, Fore, Four, Glor, Glore, Goar, Gore, Gorr, Hoar, Hoare, Hoerr, Horr, Knorr, Kohr, Laur, Laure, Loar, Loehr, Lohr, Lor, Lore, Mohr, Moore, Mor, More, Morr, Nohr, Nor, Oar, Ohr, Or, Ore, Orr, Por, Pore, Porr, Pour, Roar, Roehr, Rohr, Saur, Schnorr, Schor, Schorr, Scor, Score, Shore, Shorr, Snore, Soar, Sor, Sore, Spaur, Spore, Stoehr, Stohr, Store, Storr, Swore, Thor, Tor, Tore, Torr, Torre, Vore, War, Warr, Whore, Woehr, Wor, Wore, Yore, Your, Bloor, Boor, Buhr, Cure, Duerr, Fluhr, Foor, Fuhr, Gloor, Jure, Luhr, Lure, Moor, Moore, Muhr, Muir, Poor, Poore, Pure, Ruhr, Schnoor, Schuur, Shure, Spoor, Stuhr, Suhr, Suhre, Suire, Sure, Tour, Ture, Uhr, Ur, You're, Your

Abhor, Ador, Adore, Afore, Amour, Ashore, Bator, Before, C4, Cat-4, Decor, Delore, Deplore, Devor, Dior, Elnore, Explore, Gabor, Galore, Gilgore, Hardcore, Ignore, Igor, Implore, Inscore, Inshore, Jambor, Labore, Lahore, Lalor, Lamaur, Lazor, Lenore, Livor, Longcor, M4, Mazor, Melor, Ngor, Noncore, Offshore, Outpour, Outscore, Postwar, Prewar, Rapport, Restore, Roquemore, Rumore, Sedor, Senor, Timor, Allure, Assure, Badour, Baldur, Bijur, Bonjour, Brochure, Couture, Damour, Demure, Detour, Dufour, Endure, Ensure, Gilmour, Gochnour, Impure, Insure, Inure, Jabbour, Lacour, Lancour, Latour, Lesure, Lumpur, Manure, Mature, Mosur, Obscure, Procure, Rednour, Secure, Segur, Stamour, Unsure

Antiwar, Anymore, Armentor, Balthazor, Guarantor, Heretofore, Livermore, Montefiore, Paramore, Underscore, Amanpour, Beladur, Immature, Pimplapure, Premature, Reassure, Reinsure

Cavalli-sfor, Espectador, Montemayor, Sotomayor, Entrepreneur, Observateur

Spanish Translation

Your in Spanish is Tu

Tagalog Translation

Your in Tagalog is Ang Inyong

Example Sentence (Quote)

" ""Just you bloody hypocrites with your four wives and your ten thousand houris in heaven ?""" - Anthony Burgess

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "So really, it's just y"” [enemy player kills him] "”oh, dammit!"”you, your gun, and your friends."" - TotalBiscuit

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "when you are young you take the kindness people show you as your right"" - W. Somerset Maugham

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "” Your Walkman's fine, but you're dressed like a pig. You got any acid? Or dough? Got any dough? No." - Brother (1997 film)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Everything is magic when you don't know what it is. Your sliding rule is a magic wand to most people ."" - Discworld

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