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Yale (IPA: /ˈjeɪɫ/)


Mythical beast found in European mythology and heraldry.


City in Guthrie County, Iowa, United States


Human settlement in St. Clair County, Michigan, United States of America


Human settlement in Illinois, United States of America


City in Oklahoma, United States

Yale Synonyms

Yale, Elihu Yale

Yale Synonyms

Yale University, Yale

YALE (Acronym / Abbreviation)


Yale Rhymes

Ail, Ale, Bail, Baile, Bale, Balle, Bayle, Beyl, Braille, Cail, Cale, Calle, Crail, Dail, Daile, Dale, Dayle, Dralle, Fail, Faile, Flail, Frail, Gael, Gail, Gaile, Gale, Galle, Gayle, Grail, Hail, Haile, Hale, Heyl, Jail, Kael, Kail, Kale, Lail, Mail, Maile, Maille, Male, Mayle, Nail, Naill, Nale, Pail, Paille, Pale, Pralle, Quail, Quale, Quayle, Rael, Rail, Raile, Rayl, Rayle, Reil, Sail, Sale, Salle, Sayle, Scale, Schmale, Shale, Smail, Smale, Snail, Staehle, Stale, Tail, Tale, They'll, Trail, Vail, Vaile, Vale, Valle, Veil, Wail, Wale, Weyl, Whale, Yale, Zale

Amell, Ancell, Assail, Avail, Barrell, Bartell, Bewail, Borrell, Cadell, Capell, Cardell, Carrell, Cartmell, Carvell, Correll, Curtail, Derail, Detail, Dorrell, Entail, Exhale, Garrell, Gorrell, Impale, Inhale, Jamail, Jarrell, Jerrell, Kvale, Lavell, Levell, Macphail, Marcell, Mcgrail, Mchale, Mcphail, Mikael, Mikhail, Modell, Mortell, Nadell, Orrell, Parcell, Perrell, Podell, Portell, Prevail, Quesnell, Radell, Rafale, Revell, Savell, Sumrell, Surveil, Tirrell, Today'll, Tramell, Travail, Unveil, Verrell, Withnail

Avenell, Averell, Deverell

Yale (Last Name / Surname)

Yale is the #12,830 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 2,402 people had that surname.

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