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Worldwide (IPA: /ˈwɝɫdˈwaɪd/)


Published or operating in multiple or all jurisdictions on Earth; special value for " place of publication " (P291) and " operating area " (P2541)


Everything but the Girl album


Audio Adrenaline album


American rapper, emcee, music producer and hip-hop artist


Album by The Death Set

Worldwide Synonyms

Universal, General, Comprehensive, World-wide, Ecumenical, Cosmopolitan, Oecumenical

Worldwide Synonyms

International, Planetary, Global, World-wide, World

Worldwide Synonyms

World-wide, Intercontinental

WORLDWIDE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Worldwide Jet Charter

WORLDWIDE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

World Women in Defense of the Environment

Worldwide Rhymes

Bide, Bride, Chide, Clyde, Cried, Died, Dried, Dyed, Eid, Eide, Eyed, Fide, Flied, Fried, Glide, Guide, Guyed, Heid, Heide, Hide, Hyde, I'd, Ide, Lide, Lied, Lyde, Pied, Plied, Pride, Pried, Pryde, Ride, Scheid, Schmied, Schneid, Seid, Seide, Shied, Side, Sighed, Slide, Snide, Spied, Stride, Syed, Tide, Tied, Tried, Vide, Vied, Why'd, Wide, Wyden

Abide, Allied, Applied, Aside, Astride, Belied, Beside, Betide, Cofide, Collide, Complied, Confide, Decide, Decried, Defied, Denied, Deride, Divide, Implied, Inside, Liquide, Macbride, Mcbride, Mcbryde, Misguide, Obeid, Outside, Pool-side, Preside, Provide, Relied, Replied, Reside, Retried, Stateside, Subside, Supplied, Untied, Untried, Upside, Westside, Worldwide

Alongside, Coincide, Malahide, Misapplied, Nationwide, Subdivide


Spanish Translation

Worldwide in Spanish is En Todo El Mundo

Tagalog Translation

Worldwide in Tagalog is Mundiyal

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The United States is committed to the worldwide elimination of torture, and we are leading this fight by example." - George W. Bush

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