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Where (IPA: /ˈhwɛɹ/, /ˈwɛɹ/)

Where (pron. & conj.)


Where (adv.)

At or in what place; hence, in what situation, position, or circumstances; -- used interrogatively.

Where (adv.)

At or in which place; at the place in which; hence, in the case or instance in which; -- used relatively.

Where (adv.)

To what or which place; hence, to what goal, result, or issue; whither; -- used interrogatively and relatively; as, where are you going?

Where (conj.)


Where (n.)

Place; situation.






SQL clause

WHERE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Women for Healthcare Education, Reform and Equity

Where Rhymes

Aer, Air, Ayre, Baehr, Baer, Bahr, Bair, Bare, Bear, Behr, Blair, Blare, Caire, Care, Chair, Cher, Clair, Claire, Clare, Dare, Darr, Derr, Dreher, Err, Eyre, Fair, Faire, Fare, Fehr, Fer, Ferre, Flair, Flare, Fraire, Freyre, Gair, Gare, Gehr, Glare, Guerre, Hair, Haire, Hairr, Hare, Hehr, Heir, Herr, Herre, Kahre, Kehr, Khmer, Klare, Knerr, Kreher, Lair, Lare, Lehr, Mair, Maire, Mare, Mehr, Mer, Nair, Ne'er, Pair, Pare, Pear, Phair, Plair, Prayer, Rare, Reher, Sare, Sayre, Scare, Schehr, Scherr, Sehr, Serr, Share, Sherr, Skare, Snare, Spare, Square, Stair, Stare, Stehr, Sterr, Swear, Tear, Terre, Their, There, They're, Traer, Ware, Wear, Wehr, Werre, Where, Zehr

Abair, Adair, Adaire, Addair, Affair, Alair, Allaire, Astaire, Auclair, Aware, Bancaire, Beaufrere, Belair, Belaire, Beware, Bezaire, Boisclair, Coderre, Comair, Compare, Convair, Corriere, Declare, Delair, Despair, Dispair, Ensnare, Forswear, Frontiere, Geniere, Gisclair, Glenayre, Impair, Kenmare, Laware, Leclaire, Lefrere, Lemaire, Macnair, Mcnair, Midair, Moliere, Montclair, O'hare, Opere, Pentair, Pershare, Pierre, Praxair, Prepare, Repair, Santerre, Sinclair, St_clair, St_claire, Swissair, Takecare, Trosclair, Unfair, Voltaire, Westair, Whitehair

Almaguer, Bellemare, Billionaire, Canadair, Debonair, Disrepair, Doctrinaire, Icelandair, Javier, Jeanpierre, Larosiere, Laterriere, Maxicare, Microware, Millionaire, Nationair, Questionnaire, Solitaire, St_pierre, Unaware, Usair

Euromobiliare, Multimillionaire

Spanish Translation

Where in Spanish is Dónde

Tagalog Translation

Where in Tagalog is Ham

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Dammit, where the hell are these guys? They're nowhere to be found." - Markiplier

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "You need not fear where you are going when you know Jesus is going with you ."" - T. B. Joshua

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (angrily) Now, put that thing back where it came from, or so help me...!" - Monsters, Inc.

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (Cloverway dub) Who's there? Where are you?" - Fictional last words in animated television series

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (Gromit trying to rewire the trousers) Watch where you're puttin'them paws!" - Wallace and Gromit

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