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Transmitted (IPA: /tɹænsˈmɪtɪd/, /tɹænzˈmɪtəd/)

Transmitted (imp. & p. p.)

of Transmit

Transmitted Synonyms

Hereditary, Genetic, Transmissible, Inheritable, Inherited, Familial, Heritable

Transmitted Synonyms


Transmitted Rhymes

Fitted, It'd, Knitted, Pitted, Whitted, Witted

Acquitted, Admitted, Committed, Emitted, Omitted, Permitted, Refitted, Remitted, Submitted, Transmitted

Readmitted, Recommited, Resubmitted, Uncommitted, Unremitted

Spanish Translation

Transmitted in Spanish is Transmitido

Tagalog Translation

Transmitted in Tagalog is Nagpadala

Example Sentence (Quote)

"An Emperor's slightest dislike is transmitted to those who serve him, and there it is amplified into rage." - Dune

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Bad luck is usually transmitted by close proximity to habitual sufferers." - Irvine Welsh

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The moral and religious system which Jesus Christ transmitted to us is the best the world has ever seen, or can see." - Morality

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