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Those (IPA: /ˈðoʊz/)

Those (pron.)

The plural of that. See That.


Plural distal demonstrative adjective


Village development committee in Janakpur Zone, Nepal

Those Rhymes

Beaus, Blose, Blows, Boase, Boes, Bose, Bowes, Bows, Boze, Bro's, Brose, Chose, Close, Clothes, Cose, Crose, Crow's, Crows, Doe's, Doze, Eaux, Flows, Foes, Froze, Ghose, Glows, Goes, Goghs, Gose, Grose, Grows, Ho's, Hoes, Hose, Joe's, Joes, Jos, Klose, Knows, Kroes, Kroeze, Lo's, Loews, Lowe's, Lowes, Lows, Moes, Mose, Ngo's, Ngos, No's, Noes, Nose, O's, O .'s, O .s, O .s' Oh's, Ohs, Ooohs, Ose, Owes, Poe's, Pose, Pows, Pro's, Pros, Pros', Prose, Roes, Roh's, Rohs, Rose, Row's, Rowe's, Rowes, Rows, Sews, Show's, Shows, Shows', Slows, Snows, So's, Sows, Those, Throes, Throws, Toes, Tows, Vose, Woes, Yoes

Arose, Bestows, Bio's, Boulos, Campeau's, Compose, Defoe's, Depose, Disclose, Dispose, Dubose, Duclos, Enclose, Expose, Foreclose, Forgoes, Impose, Lebow's, Micheaux's, Miro's, Monroe's, Oppose, Perot's, Perots, Plainclothes, Propose, Renault's, Repose, Stavros, Suppose, Tarots, Transpose, Truffaut's, Tussaud's

Decompose, Groseclose, Interpose, Juxtapose, Predispose, Presuppose, Reimpose

Overexpose, Superimpose

Spanish Translation

Those in Spanish is Aquellos

Tagalog Translation

Those in Tagalog is Any Mag Iyon

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "As broker, I'm usually very careful as to sources ." You buy only from those who steal the best. Got it ." (p. 91)" - William Gibson

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (about Sly) I love to see him pull off those athletic moves." - Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (Whether those of us created by humans are defective or not... It is not up to us to decide.)" - Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

Example Sentence (Quote)

".. .and that we were now those guys.. .who started a fight at a Harry Potter book party." - Tucker Max

Example Sentence (Quote)

".. .next time you rake up those leaves realize you're about to jump into a pile of tree shit. [19]." - Ze Frank

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