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Their (IPA: /ˈðɛɹ/)

Their (pron. & a.)

The possessive case of the personal pronoun they; as, their houses; their country.

Spanish Translation

Their in Spanish is Su

Tagalog Translation

Their in Tagalog is A + KANILA

Example Sentence (Quote)

" " the Catholic Church didn't get their information from the Bible (it was a banned Book)." - Ray Comfort

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "for righteous monarchs, Justly to judge, with their own eyes should see; To rule o'er freemen, should themselves be free." - Freedom

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "poetry = the best words in their best order." - Poetry

Example Sentence (Quote)

"(A Heartless appears, catching their attention.)" - Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Example Sentence (Quote)

"(A Heartless appears, gaining their attention.)" - Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

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