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Suburb (IPA: /ˈsəbɝb/)

Suburb (n.)

An outlying part of a city or town; a smaller place immediately adjacent to a city; in the plural, the region which is on the confines of any city or large town; as, a house stands in the suburbs; a garden situated in the suburbs of Paris.

Suburb (n.)

Hence, the confines; the outer part; the environment.


Residential or mixed use area, either existing as part of a city or urban area or as a separate area




1951 Argentine drama film directed by León Klimovsky


Painting by Imre Kocsis

Suburb Synonyms

Suburbia, Suburban Area

Suburb Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Suburb in Spanish is Suburbio

Tagalog Translation

Suburb in Tagalog is Arabal

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