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Spectator (IPA: /ˈspɛkteɪtɝ/)

Spectator (n.)

One who on; one who sees or beholds; a beholder; one who is personally present at, and sees, any exhibition; as, the spectators at a show.


Observer or audience member


Monster featured in Dungeons & Dragons


Journal for film and television criticism issued by University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts



Spectator Synonyms

Spectator Pump

Spectator Synonyms

Watcher, Looker, Viewer, Witness

Spectator Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Spectator in Spanish is Espectador

Tagalog Translation

Spectator in Tagalog is Ang Manonood

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Not only did I want Bush to win, but we threw the entire weight of The Spectator behind him." - Boris Johnson

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