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Smoot (IPA: /ˈsmut/)


Nonstandard unit of length


Census-designated place in Lincoln County, Wyoming


Family name

Smoot Rhymes

Bluett, Bluitt, Boot, Boote, Boutte, Brut, Brute, Bute, Butte, Chute, Clute, Coot, Coote, Crute, Cute, Fluet, Flute, Fruit, Groot, Hoot, Huett, Huette, Huitt, Juett, Jute, Klute, Knute, Loot, Lute, Moot, Mute, Newt, Nute, Pruett, Puett, Root, Route, Schuett, Schuette, Scoot, Shoot, Shute, Smoot, Stroot, Suit, Suitt, Thuot, Toot, Toote, Truett, Truitt, Tuite, Voute

Acute, Astute, Beabout, Bebout, Beirut, Cahoot, Cahouet, Caillouet, Commute, Compute, Degroote, Dilute, Dispute, Enroute, Garoutte, Impute, Macoute, Minute, Permute, Pollute, Pursuit, Recruit, Refute, Repute, Reroute, Salute, Uproot

Absolut, Disrepute, Subacute, Undilute

Smoot (Last Name / Surname)

Smoot is the #3,868 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 9,168 people had that surname.

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Senator Smoot is an institute Not to be bribed with pelf; He guards our homes from erotic tomes By reading them all himself." - Ogden Nash

Example Sentence (Quote)

" When smut's to be smitten Smoot will smite For G-d, for country, And Fahrenheit." - Ogden Nash

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