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Rating (IPA: /ˈɹeɪtɪŋ/)

Rating (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Rate


Evaluation method used in pharmaceutical industry


Specification of safe or acceptable values of some property of a component or device


System used to assess a tennis players level of play

Rating Synonyms

Evaluation, Valuation

Rating Synonyms


Rating Synonyms

Military Rank, Military Rating, Paygrad

Rating Rhymes

Baiting, Crating, Dating, Grating, Hating, Mating, Plating, Rating, Sating, Skating, Stating, Waiting, Weighting

Abating, Awaiting, Berating, Creating, Debating, Deflating, Elating, Equating, Inflating, Misstating, Negating, Relating, Restating, Sedating, Translating, Updating

Annotating, Innovating, Reinstating

Spanish Translation

Rating in Spanish is Clasificación

Tagalog Translation

Rating in Tagalog is Uri

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