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Quotations (IPA: /kwoʊˈteɪʃənz/)


Repetition of one expression as part of another one


2004 film directed by Vinod Vijayan

Quotations Rhymes

Haitians, Haitiens, Nation's, Nations, Nations', Patients, Station's, Stations, Stations'

Carnations, Castrations, Citations, Creations, Croatian's, Croatians, Croatians', Crustaceans, Dalmatians, Donations, Durations, Flirtations, Formations, Foundation's, Foundations, Frustrations, Gradations, Gyrations, Impatiens, Inflation's, Locations, Migrations, Mutations, Notations, Orations, Ovations, Plantations, Privations, Quotations, Relations, Rotations, Sensations, Summations, Temptations, Translations, Vacations, Vibrations, Vocations

Aberrations, Accusations, Adaptations, Affirmations, Allegations, Allocations, Alterations, Altercations, Amputations, Animations, Annotations, Appalachians, Appellations, Applications, Arbitrations, Aspirations, Aviation's, Calculations, Cancellations, Celebrations, Circulations, Combinations, Compensations, Compilations, Complications, Computations, Concentrations, Condemnations, Confirmations, Confrontations, Congregation's, Congregations, Conjugations, Connotations, Consecrations, Consolations, Constellation's, Constellations, Consultations, Conversations, Corp's, Corp .'s, Corporation's, Corporations, Corporations', Correlations, Declarations, Decorations, Degradations, Delegation's, Delegations, Demarcations, Demonstrations, Deportations, Depredations, Deprivations, Desecrations, Designations, Destinations, Detonations, Deviations, Dislocations, Duplications, Education's, Educations, Elevations, Emanations, Emigrations, Estimations, Excavations, Exclamations, Exhortations, Expectations, Expirations, Explanations, Exploration's, Explorations, Fabrications, Federation's, Federations, Fluctuations, Formulations, Generation's, Generations, Graduations, Hesitations, Illustrations, Imitations, Implications, Incarnations, Inclinations, Indications, Infestations, Information's, Informations, Innovations, Inspirations, Installations, Integrations, Intimations, Inundations, Invitations, Irritations, Lacerations, Legislation's, Limitations, Liquidations, Litigations, Machinations, Malformations, Medications, Meditations, Ministrations, Miscreations, Motivations, Mutilations, Nominations, Obligations, Observations, Occupations, Operation's, Operations, Operations' Orchestrations, Oscillations, Palpitations, Perforations, Permutations, Perturbations, Populations, Preparations, Presentations, Proclamations, Protestations, Provocations, Publication's, Publications, Publications' Radiation's, Realizations, Recitations, Registrations, Regulations, Relocations, Reparations, Reputations, Reservations, Resignations, Restorations, Revelations, Revocations, Ruminations, Separations, Simulations, Situation's, Situations, Speculations, Stipulations, Strangulations, Subluxations, Syndications, Tabulations, Terminations, Transformations, Transportation's, Tribulations, Vaccinations, Valuations, Variations, Violations, Visitations
Abbreviations, Accommodations, Accreditations, Accumulations, Administration's, Administrations, Affiliations, Amplifications, Anticipations, Appropriations, Approximations, Assassinations, Association's, Associations, Authentications, Authorizations, Certifications, Civilizations, Clarifications, Classifications, Collaborations, Commemorations, Communication's, Communications, Communications', Configurations, Congratulations, Considerations, Consolidations, Cooperations, Decapitations, Deliberations, Denomination's, Denominations, Denunciations, Depreciations, Determination's, Determinations, Devaluations, Discolorations, Dramatizations, Eliminations, Evacuations, Evaluations, Exacerbations, Exaggerations, Examinations, Expropriations, Fortifications, Hallucinations, Humiliations, Imaginations, Immunizations, Improvisations, Inaugurations, Incorporation's, Incorporations, Inoculations, Insinuations, Interpretations, Interrogations, Investigations, Justifications, Magnifications, Manifestations, Manipulations, Miscalculations, Mobilizations, Modifications, Negotiations, Notifications, Organization's, Organizations, Orientations, Originations, Participations, Pontifications, Preoccupations, Privatizations, Prognostications, Pronunciations, Qualifications, Ramifications, Recommendations, Recriminations, Representations, Reverberations, Solicitations, Specifications, Sterilizations

Spanish Translation

Quotations in Spanish is Cotizaciones

Example Sentence (Quote)

" " I have seen books made of things neither studied nor ever understood the author contenting himself for his own part, to have cast the plot and projected the design of it, and by his industry to have bound up the fagot of unknown provisions; at least the ink and paper his own. This may be said to be a buying or borrowing, and not a making or compiling of a book." - Quotations

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A book which hath been culled from the flowers of all books." - Quotations

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought." - Quotations

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a man of wit, and a pebble in the hand of a fool." - Quotations

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A forward critic often dupes us With sham quotations peri hupsos, And if we have not read Longinus, Will magisterially outshine us. Then, lest with Greek he over-run ye, Procure the book for love or money, Translated from Boileau's translation, And quote quotation on quotation." - Quotations

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