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Propound (IPA: /pɹəˈpaʊnd/)

Propound (v. t.)

To offer for consideration; to exhibit; to propose; as, to propound a question; to propound an argument.

Propound (v. t.)

To propose or name as a candidate for admission to communion with a church.

Propound Rhymes

Bound, Browned, Crowned, Downed, Drowned, Found, Frowned, Gowned, Ground, Hound, Mound, Pound, Round, Sound, Wound

Abound, Aground, Around, Astound, Compound, Confound, Expound, Impound, Inbound, Newfound, Profound, Propound, Rebound, Redound, Renowned, Resound, Surround, Unbound, Unsound, Unwound


Spanish Translation

Propound in Spanish is Proponer

Tagalog Translation

Propound in Tagalog is Magmungkahi

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