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Optical (IPA: /ˈɑptɪkəɫ/)

Optical (a.)

Of or pertaining to vision or sight.

Optical (a.)

Of or pertaining to the eye; ocular; as, the optic nerves (the first pair of cranial nerves) which are distributed to the retina. See Illust. of Brain, and Eye.

Optical (a.)

Relating to the science of optics; as, optical works.


British musician

Optical Synonyms

Ocular, Visual, Optic, Exteroception, Sensory System, Sense Modality, Modality

Optical Synonyms

Ocular, Optic, Opthalmic, Receptor, Sensory Receptor, Sense Organ

Optical Synonyms

Physical Science, Physics, Natural Philosophy

Optical Rhymes

Floptical, Optical

Spanish Translation

Optical in Spanish is óptico

Tagalog Translation

Optical in Tagalog is Tungkol S Mata

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Kepler's theory of vision introduced the concept of optical images that is the basis of modern geometrical optics." - History of optics

Example Sentence (Quote)

"R. G. Driggers, Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering (CRC, New York, 2003) p. 2853." - F. J. Duarte

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