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Null (IPA: /ˈnəɫ/)

Null (a.)

Of no legal or binding force or validity; of no efficacy; invalid; void; nugatory; useless.

Null (n.)

Something that has no force or meaning.

Null (n.)

That which has no value; a cipher; zero.

Null (v. t.)

To annul.

Null (n.)

One of the beads in nulled work.


Special value in computing, often denoting " unset " or absence of useful data


In mathematics


Chemical compound


First EP by the American post-metal band Intronaut


EP by Foetus

Null Synonyms

Invalid, Void

Null Synonyms

Nix, Zipp, Cipher, Aught, Zip, Nothing, Nil, Naught, Zilch, Zero, Nada, Cypher, Goose Egg

NULL Rhymes

Bruhl, Chul, Crull, Cul, Cull, Dull, Dulle, Guhl, Gul, Gull, Hull, Juhl, Krul, Krull, Kuhl, Kull, Lull, Muhl, Mull, Null, Puhl, Ruhl, Schmuhl, Scull, Shull, Skull, Smull, Stull, Sul, Thul, Thull, Trull, Tull, Uhl, Ul, Yul

Null (Last Name / Surname)

Null is the #4,910 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 7,170 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Null in Spanish is Nulo

Tagalog Translation

Null in Tagalog is Nulo

Example Sentence (Quote)

" #define NULL 0 /* silly thing is, we don't even use this */" - Larry Wall

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