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Loading (IPA: /ˈɫoʊdɪŋ/)

Loading (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Load

Loading (n.)

The act of putting a load on or into.

Loading (n.)

A load; cargo; burden.


Lifting a load up or putting it into something


Film directed by Antanas Žygavičius


Painting by Ghitta Caiserman


Print in the National Gallery of Art (NGA 169966)

Loading Synonyms

Payload, Load, Shipment, Cargo, Freight, Lading, Consignment

Loading Synonyms

Load, Burden

Loading Synonyms


Loading Rhymes

Boeding, Coding, Goading, Goding, Loading

Decoding, Encoding, Eroding, Exploding, Foreboding, Imploding, Unloading

Spanish Translation

Loading in Spanish is Cargando

Tagalog Translation

Loading in Tagalog is Nagka-karga

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