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Kentucky (IPA: /kənˈtəki/)

Kentucky (n.)

One of the United States.


State of the United States of America


1938 film by Otto Brower, David Butler


Locality in New South Wales, Australia


American Thoroughbred racehorse


Album by Black Stone Cherry

Kentucky Synonyms

Kentucky, Bluegrass State, KY

Kentucky Rhymes

Brucie, Buckey, Bucky, Chuckie, Cluckey, Drucie, Luckey, Luckie, Lucky, Muckey, Mucky, Plucky, Rucki, Stuckey, Stucki, Stucky, Stukey, Truckee, Tuckey, Yucky

Kentucky, Mcluckie, Unlucky, Witucki

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Great Holy Jesus--it looks like he fell into Kentucky Fried Movie." - Tucker Max

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Hollis: No I'm gonna go to Kentucky and take Fort Knox with a sling shot then I'm gonna go into hell after Hitler." - Smokin' Aces

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