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Human (IPA: /ˈhjumən/, /ˈjumən/)

Human (a.)

Belonging to man or mankind; having the qualities or attributes of a man; of or pertaining to man or to the race of man; as, a human voice; human shape; human nature; human sacrifices.

Human (n.)

A human being.


Common name of Homo sapiens, unique extant species of the genus Homo


Race in Warcraft


2008 studio album by Brandy Norwood


1991 album by Death


2008 song by The Killers

Human Synonyms

Manlike, Imperfect, Frail, Anthropoid, Earthborn, Hominal, Hominine, Weak, Hominian, Anthropomorphous, Anthropomorphic, Hominid, Fallible, Humanlike

Human Synonyms


Human Synonyms

Human Being, Man, Homo

HUMAN (Acronym / Abbreviation)

High-speed Unlicensed Metropolitan

Human Rhymes

Bumann, Crewman, Doman, Duman, Heuman, Heumann, Human, Humann, Lewman, Looman, Luman, Lumen, Neuman, Neumann, Newman, Newmann, Ruman, Rumen, Schuhmann, Schuman, Schumann, Shuman, Suman, Thuman, Thumann, Tooman, Truman, Tuman, Vrooman, Youman

Acumen, Albumin, Bitumen, Illumine, Inhuman, Nonhuman, Subhuman


Human (Last Name / Surname)

Human is the #16,696 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 1,715 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Human in Spanish is Humano

Tagalog Translation

Human in Tagalog is Makatao

Example Sentence (Quote)

" " and, alas ! for human nature, envy will always delight in inflicting mortification." - Ethel Churchill (or The Two Brides)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "˜"I prefer to think of [young women] less as human beings than as pimply parcels of televisual reflexes.'" - Anthony Burgess

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Desire can attain the darkest human terror and give an actual ideal of hell and its horror ."" - Octave Mirbeau

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Every intellectual effort is bent towards committing the most diversified violations upon the human being ."" - Octave Mirbeau

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "I've come to believe that genius is an exceedingly common human quality, probably natural to most of us ."" - Genius

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