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Historical (IPA: /hɪˈstɔɹɪkəɫ/)

Historical (a.)

Of or pertaining to history, or the record of past events; as, an historical poem; the historic page.

Historical Synonyms


Historical Synonyms

Historic, Past

Historical Synonyms

Arts, Humanistic Discipline, Humanities, Liberal Arts

Historical Synonyms

Real, Existent

Historical Rhymes


Historical, Rhetorical

Spanish Translation

Historical in Spanish is Histórico

Tagalog Translation

Historical in Tagalog is Boses

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Another reason for the desirability of historical study is the value of historical knowledge to the teacher of mathematics." - A History of Mathematics

Example Sentence (Quote)

"As far as I know, Nehru never defined secularism in its proper European and historical context." - Girilal Jain

Example Sentence (Quote)

" For historical and cultural reasons, Pluto should be a planet." - Pluto

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Most historical facts are unpleasant." - Histeria!

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The coming extinction of art is prefigured in the increasing impossibility of representing historical events." - Art

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