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Glaucoma (IPA: /ɡɫɔˈkoʊmə/)

Glaucoma (n.)

Dimness or abolition of sight, with a diminution of transparency, a bluish or greenish tinge of the refracting media of the eye, and a hard inelastic condition of the eyeball, with marked increase of tension within the eyeball.


Eye disease that is characterized by an unstable or a sustained increase in the intraocular pressure which the eye cannot withstand without damage to its structure or impairment of its function


Genus of protozoans


Scientific article published on 01 May 1998


Scientific article published on 01 December 1979


Scientific article published on 01 February 1975

Glaucoma Rhymes

Bouma, Choma, Coma, Douma, Goma, Homa, Loma, Moma, Oma, Poma, Roma, Scoma, Sloma, Soma, Stroma, Thoma, Toma, Troma, Xoma

Algoma, Aroma, Coloma, Diploma, Glaucoma, Leoma, Luoma, Lymphoma, Multnomah, Naoma, Neoma, Nujoma, Paloma, Saloma, Shiroma, Sonoma, Tacoma

Carcinoma, Melanoma, Oklahoma, Papilloma, Sumatoma

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